Science at Home

Our Top 20+ experiments TO TRY AT HOME

Let us know if you test any more which we could add!

RECENTLY ADDED: optical illusions link, kitchen chemistry sites - including Science Sparks & Science Museum

'Eggsperiment' with naked eggs; get an egg into a bottle - without touching it; make instant ice-cream; engineer a catapult; make a pinhole camera; mix up bath bombs; make your own seed pots; grow a bean in a jar; make eggy cress-heads; create seed bombs; make noises from natural objects; make a wormery; use Skittles & diffusion to make a rainbow; carry out chromatography of Smarties; make red cabbage indicator; have fun with magic mixing milk; make Ooblek; try making money disappear; make plastic from milk; blow the biggest bubbles ever!...

Check with an adult before trying these out - to make sure you don't hurt yourself

Other sites to try for more Super Science to try at home:

Coke and mentos (this IS messy!!!) use a tube of paper or card to keep them together before they drop in - 4 mentos at a time works too